Transcendent Innovations, Inc. Review


Transcenden innovations is an affiliate marketing company that generates kcikbacks from aedvertisers for my leads trying their products . I obtained ten leas and one of the rewards ror providin them kickbacks wa sth give me commission for the 10 leads i generated for an iphone 6 64 gigabyte. They have received their compensation and i have not received my commison for my leads for months now and now they dont wihs to pay out foir those leads even thoug hthey got paid and my acct ewas approved ti get paid out . I sent in dreivers license to verify whoi am and a w9. Please onctac this company bc this has gone on for months with false claims of advrtising and not payin g out the commision im owed which is theft of funds and consumer fraud so i have no choice butto get the attorney generals office in the state where there officer is located. | I would not recommend using this ompany for strealing my commission im owed for months . | Please cntact this compay so they know a compolain has been filed against them in the attorney genrerals offcie for theft of funds, fraud and false and misleading business practices.I have been owedm y commison for monhts and have received nothing. Please help me get my iphone 6 they woe me for the leads i worked hard to generate leads for . Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this amtter


  • Name: Transcendent Innovations, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Oaklawn
  • Address: 9624 S Cicero Ave # 319
  • Phone: (312) 276-8929
  • Website:

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