Transfirst WILDOMAR Alabama


Complaint: Review your choices very carefully before selecting TransFirst located in Broomfield, Colorado. They are unethical and their fees are very high and they lock a business into a long contract. They are a blood thirsty company wanting to take as much money as possible once they have access to a business bank account. I contacted them several times to cancel our merchant services account and their response was that I would have to pay them $ 500.00. They already are taking out excessive monthly fees already. This month they charged $ 67.75 for an unused account. I advised them that Square is much better since their fees are less and they are very easy to use. They are also quick to process a merchant charge too. The response I received from TransFirst was that “they are also very competitive.”” Beware this company is a Scam and they are sharks in sheeps clothing. Their sales team promises to give good rates on their services. Then once a business starts using the service the charges are excessive. Then additionally

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Address: their monthly fees are hiked up. Their customer service department is not service minded to cancel their service for a dissatisfied business. Beware stay away from this company as others have discussed. This company is bad and unethical. They need to be reported to all consumer agencies.”


Phone: Colorado USA

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