Transgo Aod-E, AOD-E, Mobile Oklahoma


Complaint: The company TRANSGOPERFORMANCE was sent several letters of complaint regarding “Off-Road Adventures”” acquired Unsatisfactory Performance Record with the BBB for failing to answer consumer complaints and other matters. TRANSGOPERFORMANCE continued to advertise and sell their products through this company

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Address: “”As business as usual.”” The State Agency

Website: and is also in the business of selling aftermarket parts/accessories to dealerships nationwide. Several questionable issues delayed and/or interfered with the State Agencies abilities to complete their full investigation into this business entities transactions/conduct. One such example was the

Phone: Bureau of Automotive Repair has just completed thier several month long Fraud investigation into the company known as 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers/Transamerican Auto Parts Inc. This company operates a nationwide chain off-road stores

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