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I like what your website is saying. But the reality is that there has been an Externship program in existance for years. its called US worker replacement with people originating from foreign countries. Almost 90% of these people got into a company with not even so much as a real interview question ask and they were given on the job trained and not expected to know anything. (Every US single job held by WiPro, Tata, HCL America… meanwhile there was experienced professional they throwaway…that are probably making 30, 000/year working as garbage collectors and jainitors somewhere because they brought in Indian outsourcing companies and gave them “Externships”. Now fast forward to 2015 after years of abusing American tech worker force and realizeing it was a scam to steal US jobs and setup a discrimatory racist system that effectly dumped our best and brightest and cloned them with foreigners instead. I got to believe we’ve been duped… Like companies allowed the establishment of a type foreign run secret police primary dominated by india and chinese foreign special interest that have no intention of ever letting white americans have their old jobs back… and oh by the way…we dont care if you still are experienced and do good work… because it was never about that… its was about steal and changing places and pulling the wool over the eyes of americans.. its a coup d’etat that we are dealing with that is EASY as heck to reverse… all that is necessary is for the government to stop being such pvssies and to enforce discriminations empolyment laws… if company X has been flipped over and now empolyee a majority of peopel from foreign origin whereas formerally it was the opposite then this is discriminate… just go into the companies and count heads, US birth certificates vs foreign birth certificates, if they fail the count… throw them injail until they hire enough people with US birth certificates… problem solved. The solution is simple. Enforce the Labor laws as they already exist. Externs is already a reality. The difference is that

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