Transway Logistics Review


I was originally contacted by e-mail on May 21, 2016 from [email protected] She said she found my resume on "Career Builder" website.We found your resume on "Career Builder" website.I’m a representative of our Human Resources department.Please allow me to take a few minutes of your time.Your candidature was recommended by the job-site where you recently updated your resume. This message can be a great start of your successful career, or just a source for additional income. About comment we received concerning your resume, Iím kindly asking you to seriously consider this opportunity.This position we are offering is that of Branch Coordinator with an income $3700 monthly.This is a home based, part-time position with a one month trialOn this job you will be responsible for helping with daily shipping activities and customer service related situations, regular reporting and report keeping. You will be required to receive packages delivered to your residence, examine what is inside for a damage or any defects, repackage if necessary and process them to the destination. The main objective of this role is to guarantee that the goods are delivered in time and clients expectations are met.Preferences:- Location Memphis, TN- Must have printer, personal computer or laptop and cell phone- Must have permanent access to the internet- Microsoft Office- Knowledge of popular household appliances- Adequate strength and health and ability to carry packages weighing at 1 to 20 lbsIf this position remains relevant for you and if you think you can successfully cope with the job of Logistics Manager, please let us know by writing to our email. In less than a week, our HR manager (at [email protected] or click ‘reply’ button) will get in touch with you and invite you over for a talk.Have a bless day!This is another e-mail from a different person/same job.Joyce AveryMay 26 (5 days ago)to me******,My name is Joyce Avery and I work at Transways Logistics, HR department.Our company provides oversees shipping services to customers abroad purchasing goods in the United States. In the continuously growing global community, online stores and vendors are choosing to partner with third party logistics companies like ours transporting their goods in order to focus on maintaining a quality product and lowering their overhead costs.Transways Logistics hires self-organized specialists to receive products and prepare it for shipping overseas. Within this position, you will have full support and directions on how this job works via email for the first month that you work in this position. At the end of the one month trial, you will be given the opportunity to become a full time employee of Transways Logistics with a monthly income $3500(plus commissions) or continue with the part-time position monthly income $2500 (plus commissions). If you have an experience in receiving items from the online stores and packingshipping small or average sized packages, you will do just great.If you want to get more details about this job and what it’d take to get started, please let me know by replying to this message. I hope to soon welcome you aboard.Thank you for your timeHere is another e-mail from Joyce Avery. (may 27, 2016)Joyce AveryAttachments May 27 (4 days ago)to me******,I’m glad that you are interested, let’s get to the details.This is a part-time position with a one month trial, after that youcan choose to work full-time, and you always can organize your time by workingfrom home.There are no costs to start. We reimburse all the expenses, tape, boxes etc, you will be providedwith prepaid by customers shipping labels so you will not be payingfor the transportation. Also I will be notifying you aboutincoming packages beforehand.You can visit our web site (its address in the attached document) for any additionalinformation. There is no phone interview at thispoint of the application process because of number of the candidates.Feel free to Email me all of your questions. I’ll answer it as soonas I can.If you have no questions and want to begin, just email back to me and put the subject line:"Agreement" and I will send you the paperwork to review andadditional information on this job. Please use only thisEmail address to contact me.Best regards___________________Logistics Department

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