Travel Advantage Network Pennsylvania Review


Report this company to the attorney general, federal trade commission and the media!! They lied to get my money. They could never fulfill my vacation requests. And now they want me to sign a gag order in order for me to cancel a contract that I was lied into signing! nI went to a sales presentation six months ago in Wilkes Barre, PA. Everything seemed great. Inflation protected vacations at $500 a month. I understood the additional $99 processing fee, the $30 a night bedroom upgrades and $30 a night prime season upgrades. It’s just me an my girlfriend, so the $500 + $99 was still a steal at $600 a vacation. nBut when I tried to book my vacation I discovered that EVERYTHING is prime season ALL THE TIME. Worse, I could never find a 1 bedroom property. If I was lucky I could only find a 2 bedroom unit, but even then I could never find a property where I wanted to go. There was just no availability. For the record, that $600 vacation suddenly became a $600 + $210 for prime + $210 for a second bedroom because they never had any one bedrooms available. So best I could find was $1020 at a location we didn’t even want to go to. Tack on the $350 a year service charge and you have $1370 for one vacation!!!! nI tried to cancel explaining that they couldn’t deliver what I was promised at the sales presentation. They told me no. I kept calling and asked to speak to managers. Finally someone told me I could cancel but I would have to sign a gag order preventing me from ever speaking about the company to anyone. Unreal. I refused and am still fighting them. I stopped paying my bills but they keep calling and harassing me even though I have asked them not to. I have filed complaints with the attorney general and federal trade commission. nJust say NO. Don’t make the stupid mistake I did. To rub salt in the wounds I’ve seen way better deals almost every week in my email box from Travelzoo…but since I lost so much money to Travel Advantage Network I can’t even take advantage of them. Grrrrrrr.

1406 S Crain Highway Glen Burnie, Maryland United States of America

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