Travel Advantage Network T.A.N. dayton Ohio Review


Please be warned on Travel Advantage Network T.A.N , also Smart Travel . nVery high pressured tactics used, to the point they hold you there and keep trying to make a better deal, tell you what can you afford. they wear you down to the point you want to run? By the time you agree to something, your so flustered and stressed you just want to leave the room. I fell for this years ago after returning home serving my Country In Iraq for 15 months. I needed a FREE vacation, who wouldn’t. My FREE 3 day vacation I tired to use but places were limited, I had to Pay a $50 booking fee , when the people I gave it too couldn’t use it. When I canceled it I never got my $50 back. Never used it all. nThey gave me a $500 gift card , telling me this is great you can shop on-line and get some nice stuff. They didn’t tell me it was a Certain Site you had to shop from? When I went to buy some stuff for kids in family at christmas, it was all cheaply made stuff you would get at a discount store or flea mart type, I made my Purchases and it was right under the $500 mark. Went to check out and it cost $290 for Shipping charges? Honestly this stuff was not even worth $290 JUNK!. So I did not use that. nI had no idea I was having some issues with PTSD the time, making is all the more stressful to me. I knew I had made a mistake and tired to get out of it for years. Feeling stuck I checked into some trips just to see, all of the ones I looked at I also went to check them myself on Google . They where all on the low end of 1 or 2 stars, not the best neighborhoods even. You have booking fees and cleaning fees parking fees, something else you are not told. I paid $1200 a year to them to use a weeks vacation in places I didn’t wish to stay with other fees on top ? Now I pay $365 a year until I use 10 full weeks vacations with them, What a Rip Off! They are not a reliable travel service they have terrible customer service. . nI am still fighting with them, they charge my Bank my yearly fee again after I was told IF I paid off the remaining balance they would wave the fee? Wrong, it put me short and I had to advance money into my account. I finally got them to agree to cancel me yearly fee but I had to keep at them to send me the cancel form. Then they stopped answering my calls. After 3 messages a Fax came in 5 minutes later with the form. I have not sent it back yet because I need Proof this is not another poor excuse of a contract to still take my Money. I do not trust them. nIf you are ask or called run, block their number do anything to avoid them. It is a nightmare working with them , all they care about is making that sale. A true Vacation Planner would never use these methods. They take a Fee Only when you book through them. n I am telling everyone I know and hoping my shouting will protect someone else out there. But Especially close to me our Soldiers coming home. nThanks Stef

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