My Complaint: I booked my wife Erlinda and my son Josephe to Baltimore Maryland from San Diego,Ca.on March 23,2014 to Travelocity charge to my american express card using Southwest Airlines 10 AM flight costing 1,198 dollars for two seats but was cancelled by my wife realizing they will waste one day in the plane so she rescheduled for a night flight leaving 10:30 pm. by US Airways and was told she will save 330.00 dollars and she gave her Southwest credit visa card number to pay for the flight.My wife and my son were happy to took this night flight. We were surprise to received a bill after two weeks from American Express in the amount of 1198.00 dollars for a flight that my wife cancelled instead of getting a bill from Southwest Visa card for 868.00 dollars.This is purely a fraud and scam caused by Travelocity to us….Hoping you can help us and investigate this unlawful practice by Travelocity and to remove the bill from American Express and charge to Southwest Visa card for 868.00 dollars.
Thank you so much.


My Demand: charge the Soughtwest Visa card and remove the charge of american express card cause this is purely fraud and scam.

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