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I am so disappointed in Travelocity, you will not believe what happened to me.nOn 9/4 I booked a flight online with Travelocity. My husbands mother lives in El Salvador and was in very poor health, we were afraid that she was not going to live another 6 months. We decided despite the fact that we really cant afford it, to take the family to see her one more time before she passes away.( We have two children) We were able to book my husband a seperate flight with our flyer miles on our credit card. So I booked 3 flights for $632.03 each ( including tax) with airline United. (total is $1896.09) Then on 9/8 the flight price (the exact same flight#s) went down to the price of 366.03 (including tax). AHHHH! Thats $266.00 lower or a difference of $798.00! So we called Travelocity and asked if there was anything they could do. The agent said no, our policy is no refunds. Which is what we thought they would say, but it cant hurt to try. Well yes it can. Then the agent said, Oh but I can cancel your flight, rebook you on the same flight at the lower rate and give you a credit (travel credit) of $632.00. Excellent, we could use that flying credit for when his mother passess away, so my husband can go to the funeral.nA few days later we look at our credit card online and it shows that we have been charged $366.03 times 3, plus a $90.00 fee from Travelocity. The inital charge of $1896.09 is still there. What?! So we call travelocity and they state that since they have a no refund policy we cannot be refunded the $1896.09. We said wait, we did not expect to be refunded that money, we thought the difference of the flights was going to be given to us as a credit with them to fly in the next 12 months. Then they inform us to use the $632.00 credit there is also a $150.00 booking fee. We explain that there has been a misunderstanding, and that we were not told about a re-booking fee,etc. We were told my husband could use that travel credit. They say no, it is non-transferable. They say they will look for the recording of the call. Several phone calls later and hours on the phone.1. There was no recording done for that call 2. It is not a $623.03 credit but a $632.03 times 3 credit we are receiving, in which when we do use, we will also have to pay a re-booking fee of $150.00 each which equals $450.00. (Plus the difference of prices of flights) 3. In the agents notes she states she told us there are no refunds, that it is $632.03 times 3 and that there is a $150.00 re-booking fee, and she did not! She is actually outright lying! She also said my husband could use the credit and that is also not true. It is not transferable, and has to be the same airline also. So from my simple phone call of hoping to get the better price, I now have a charge of $3084.18 Yes, I do have 3 credits of $632.00 but they have to be used by myself or my 2 children, my husband cannot use it. Yes I can use those credits, but I have to pay an extra $450.00. I spoke with the Manager Nanette who was very nice, but she said it is not in her power to do anything. She can only take off the phone booking fee ( the $90.00). She states it is the airline that charges the $150.00 fee. I am beyond frustrated and unhappy. I called my credit card comapany and explained it to them, but they say that it is a miscommunication error and not a false charge so they cannot take it off. It is my word against hers. How is this good customer service? How convenient when they are in the wrong, when they have made a grave communications error, there is not recording of the call? After looking at customer complaint web sites, I see that I am not alone. It seems like Travelocity is doing a SCAM. Can there really be no exceptions to the rules? What happened to the customer is always right? They are obviously all about the bottom line and that is it. I know they will go out of buisness with this kind of practice, but not soon enough for me.nAnd if you can believe it, it gets worse! After I hung up with the manager Nanette, my husband called and says his mother just passed away! We are so sad. We really wanted the kids to see her one more time, and this Travelocity thing makes it even sadder. I cannot afford all these flights!nSo we had to book a last minute flight for him to go to the funeral and you can bet it wasnt with Travelocity!

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