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Complaint: IRS TAX RELIEF Mr. Watkins office charged me $6,500 for nothing but an office audit at the IRS. I made a downpayment of $3,500 and filled out a credit card authorization. When I took the documents, they said they were coming to the audit with me. They NEVER came to the audit. I waited at the IRS office for about 30 minutes but they never showed. Finally, the auditor and I went ahead with the meeting. The appointment was over, but no one from his office came. I sent a certified letter to his office demanding a refund because they never did the work. I received a letter back from his office, claiming they were there and that the auditor and I had overlooked them. I don’t believe this since there is only one waiting area at the IRS. But even if they did, they still owe me a refund because they never do the work. The letter refused to refund me the downpayment of $3,500 and it threatened to put another $3,000 on my credit card even though, they never spoke to the auditor or went to the audit or anything else. In September, I went to a CPA about this years return. He told me that a CPA could have handled it for less, and that he had heard that neither Watkins or Rod Polston’s office ever refunds the money to anyone, even if they are a fault. I filed a complaint with the Office of General Counsel at the Oklahoma Bar Association, but I will probably never get a red cent back. DO NOT HIRE THOSE TV LAWYERS. If this has happened to you, please fill out a complaint with the Oklahoma Bar Association. Maybe, if enough people complain, they will do something.

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