Tre’ Milano, LLC. Lake Havasu Arizona Review


I authorized the $34.99 (14.99 product and 20.00 shipping) to give the product a try. I called before the 30 days to let them know of my decision I spoke to Darion. At that time I was told I had until February 3rd to call back with my final decision as I still wasn’t sure after being told I could not send only one back because I didn’t need the bigger barrel product and they were out of the smaller one. I was told I had to send both back and completely reorder. I had almost 2 weeks so I told him I would call back by the 3rd. I called on the 3rd of February and requested an authorization number to send all the products back and reorder to be able to purchase both small barrels. I spoke to Brendi X3121 and she informed me that the first installment of $39.99 was previously removed from my account!!!! I was outraged!!!! She stated the money would be refunded within the hour and my first installment would be only $19.99 on the 10th if I kept the products and suggested I sell the larger barrel product to someone else or on the internet. She also stated that they were out of the pink and that I was pretty lucky to have got that color. In addition, she said I would be spending alot on shipping if I were to reorder and send everything back. I agreed to the discounted first installment and decided to keep both products as long as the $39.99 was returned to my account as it was designated for another monthly obligation. Unfortunately, the funds were not returned. nTo summarize, I was told that my trial period was up to the 3rd of February and the funds were taken out of my account without authorization on the 2nd. When requesting to send all products back I was told… they were out of what I wanted and also out of the color I wanted and that the shipping would be pretty expensive in total by the time I reordered and received 2 new products. I was promised, even held on hold almost 2 minutes, that the unauthorized monies would be refunded while I received a $20.00 discount if I kept the items. That did not happen and I had to neglect another obligation. I was lied to by BOTH customer service representatives. The unauthorized act of withdrawing my money and the inconvenience was bad enough but the trickery and lies just makes this unconscionable and illegal. This is far from over!!! Try telemarketer not CSR-Quality Assurance, I want those tapes!! nDeceived

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