Trend Hunter Magazine’s internships last 4 months. In that time you’re expected to work 9-5, with an hour break. You are asked to meet daily goals (upwards of 14 articles/day and 2 videos a day) and share articles on all your social media accounts. You are notified if you’re 5 minutes late. In short, you are asked to treat it like an actual job doing actual work. But, unlike an actual job, you do not get paid appropriately: there are no benefits, no perks (beer doesn’t count, sorry), no salary, and not even minimum wage. By the end of 4 months, you are given $1500 for all your efforts. That amounts to $18.75/day. Or $2.50 an hour (and that’s rounding up). And you don’t get paid until the end of the 4 months. They bait you like it’s an internship, but the learning component isn’t sufficient. There are daily lectures for the first couple of weeks, which diminishes greatly as time goes on. Management isn’t exactly pleasant. At the beginning you are given the speech by The Editor who claims she was “once an intern.” Then you later find out she’s sleeping with the boss. And these are the people you have to take orders from. This is just an example, not to mention bully tactics to get you to do work. Their video department uses pirated software. The company is exploiting an economy that’s in trying times. There are a lot of youth out of work especially in Ontario and they’re taking advantage of that. Advice to future interns: if you do decide to work at Trend Hunter magazine, track your hours and all of the products you make. Then file a report with the Ontario Ministry of Labour: Trend Hunter is VERY misleading. They refer to themselves as a job and other times as an internship. I was under the impression that this would be an internship where my ideas would be heard and I would learn a lot. But by the second week it was pretty much head down and work with no pay. The 4 months without seeing a cent was insufferable: management would brag about their new house and dog, ordering expensive lunches for themselves, etc. Shame on them. I wish someone warned me. .

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