Trenton H. Wieties – Litchfield, Illinois Illinois


Trenton H. Wieties / Trent Wieties is a married cheating scum – he used me for sex after telling me lies for months and convincing me he was a single dad – told me everything I wanted to hear – after our few minutes in bed when he was done, then the truth came out – he is married – he used me – he does this all the time all over as he travels for military – makes himself sound good – hard working dad taking care of kids alone working in prison as a guard. Really married to Sarah Wieties who doesn’t work and takes care of kids while he goes off and sleeps with as many woman as he can – uses all things you tell him to convince you to be with him and chooses attached women so they can’t say anything – he will use you and will most likely give you a STD – keep away from him – don’t believe anything he says – he is manipulator and wants to hurt you after he is done – hope all others in Litchfield heed this warning and learn my mistake – if not you will regret it and if you catch a STD you will regret it for rest of your life…

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