Trenton Wieties – Married and DRD Cheater Illinois


He is using fake names and profiles to have one night stands. He is married and has DRD’s. He lied to me for weeks. After you meet him he will vanish and disable all ways of contact. He will get to know you and use all you tell him to relate and make it seem like he is interested in a relationship. After sex he will never speak to you again. He will use you and give you DRDS. He says in the military and travels uses that excuse as to why he cant talk at times. It is not the military that restrict his talk time it is his wife as he is cheating on her. After much research I see he has done this numerous times to numerous others. Stay away if you value your health. Be careful as he is good at making up lies and earning trust. Don’t let him screw up your 2019 like he has done to me.

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