TREXecom, Inc. Review


I ordered some motorcycle phone mounts from this company on June 10, 2019. They immediately debited my PayPal account although I was not supposed to be charged until the order was processed/shipped. When I hadn’t received the product or received shipping instructions 2 weeks later, I contacted them to to find out what was going on and/or to cancel the order. I tried all of their customer service numbers, but you can only leave a message which has never been returned. I also emailed them and went through the PayPal resolution center to contact them. | Eventually I recieved emails from them confirming that I had requested to cancel and offering me additional discounts if I did not do so. They claimed that they had received many orders and were currently backed up. I responded to them that I needed the mounts and could not wait for some undisclosed shipping date. I confirmed on multiple occasions that I wished to cancel and to refund my money. A week later (July 5th), I received a shipment notification from them even though I cancelled. I advised them that I had cancelled, asked them to return my money, advised that I had to purchase the mounts elsewhere and that I would return the product if and when I ever received it. | In response I get an email telling me that their policy only allows cancellation within 24 hours of the order. I explained to them that it was impossible for me to know that they wouldn’t ship during the first 24 hours and that I had cancelled long before they shipped and to return my money. In response I am told that I actually had to cancell the order by 11:00pm on the same day I placed the order. | Next communication I receive is now from a “Rex”, head of the billing department. (This is now 7 weeks after I placed the order). Now I am told that “your product is outside of our refund policy due to it being a “on sale” item AND has already “begun shipping processing”. I am also informed that “I also see that your particular product is coming directly from China and will be imported. Since it’s coming from such a far away location, it takes longer than most of our products. And unfortunately, the China import process can be lengthy because it has to go through many more steps before it reaches your doorstep however the good news is this process has already started for your order and you’ll be receiving tracking information if you haven’t already.” | As problems were occuring with this company, I started to look on the internet to see if there were any other reports of problems with these companies. I found numerous similar problems on BBB. I invite everyone to lookl at this | To summarize, I have no product (now about 7 weeks later). They have taken my money. I’ve been given crazy excuses and even stupider company policies. Their company policy really should be “We take your money and don’t deliver product”


  • Name: TREXecom, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Escondido
  • Address: 201 E. Grand Ave., Suite B
  • Phone: 760-233-2860
  • Website:

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