Tricha Curtsinger & Jason Davis – Cincinnati, Ohio Men


Eastern Cincinnati’s worst duo are what is known as fake tough. They are real tough behind the internet, mobile devices, and social media, but lack the intestinal fortitude to confront people like real adults face to face. They love to lie, steal, manipulate, perpetrate, use drugs, online bully, and take pride in possessing narcissistic and sociopathic behaviors to where they have no morals or values whatsoever. They have split personalities, proven to be bipolar, proud cowards and hypocrites. Behind closed doors, they insult, lie, criticize, disrespect and abuse. They can say whatever but get excessively defensive when you come back at them or criticize them. Their preference of living is inside a hotel, where they work to stay. They pimp each other out at the hotel, and when they can’t make a buck, they point fingers elsewhere instead of being adult enough to own their own mistakes because they lack the adequate character as adults to do so.

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