Tricia Ann Belville – Sterling Heights, Michigan Michigan


Tricia Belville is a cheater. She posted on craigslist looking to hook up with a woman (at least two separate times) and later was seeing tons of men behind my back. The post she put up on craigslist while I was out of town, she offered to “host” this cheating event at MY house, where she was staying RENT FREE. A few months later, after dating 2.5 years, we split up. A few weeks later, we got back together. After we “got back together”, she promptly jumped on the dating sites and was seeing scores of guys behind my back. This went on all summer, as I would later find out. Every time I was away on a trip, I’d call her on my drive back home, but she never answered. She was busy with other guys. Eventually, she stopped taking my calls but would text no problem. She’d say she misses me while sleeping with another man. I found this out when she posted her facebook status as in a relationship with new guy! The only thing worse then being cheated on is not knowing why… she refuses to talk about it. Probably because she has no logical explanation other than being a *****. Stay far away from Tricia Belville unless you’re just looking to get laid… she does put out on the second date. Just know she’s going to cheat on you the moment you turn your back and give her the opportunity. You’ve been warned!

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