Trio Tire cherry Hill New Jersey


Complaint: I just ordered 4 new Kumho from and with upon closing of the online sales order, Tire Rack shows places in your area via zip code search that will do the Installation of your new tires. I have in the shopping center where I work one of the places of the installers called Trio Tire. On 09/10/04 I walked in and told the guy that I have 4 new tires and I need them installed, balanced and new valve stems. He asked me, “May I ask were you picked up these tires?”” and I said

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Address: “”Tire and your one of the installers listed.”” He said

Website: You’re a Business Owner and I have lost over 20% in sales. Then I said I understand but over $100 buck for a mount & Balance? I asked if this was a Lifetime Balance and he said no. I then asked about there normal Per Hour labor charge and he told me we are cheaper than anyone at $45 per Hr

Phone: “”No problem”” and asked for my keys. I said

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