Trip Incentives pahrump Nevada Review


I received this from Pre Paid Legal Services for a screw up they made. So you would think this is legit. Their brochure does not provide any information regarding hotels or hotel locations. All it has is a city name. After calling them many times, someone finally told me all their hotels are in a resort area. Still could not get any details, she said I had to send in money first then I’d be given a list of hotels and I could pick the one I wanted. Their website is completely worthless. I had a great experience with another similar company so I was cautiously optimistic. So I cut a check and sent in the paperwork. First time they sent it back cuz I forgot to put my name on a line on the form. So I filled that in, cut a new check and sent it out again. This time they sent it back stating it has to be certified funds or a cashiers check. I checked the BBB (better business bureau) who actually did not list any complaints for them. But then I found this. Needless to say, they are not getting certified funds from me so I guess we are done with them.

deerfield, Florida USA

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