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I was in Branson one weekend and received a nice color brochure from a time share rep (Summer Winds) to enjoy 3-days & 2-night vacation free. All you had to do was call Trips Incentives 888.331.3331 and make reservations 30 days in advance of your trip, pay a refundable $50.00 deductible, and commit to a 90 minute time slot to be sold timeshare. I called a couple of months after receiving this brochure to make reservations at a resort in Branson but they could not accommodate my request for the dates I specified. At that time, I gave them all my information home address, phone numbers, yearly salary, spouse information, kids ages and what-not. I called back a few weeks later to schedule a reservation in Orlando, FL. They took the reservation from me (3 weeks out not 30 days) along with the refundable deposit. They said that they would email me the confirmation in a couple of days so I went ahead and booked my flights to Orlando. After receiving their confirmation for me to show up at a Welcome Center between the hours of 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. I immediately emailed back cancelling the reservation since they led me to believe that I would be getting confirmation back on the resort that I would be staying. My flight is scheduled to arrive 10:00 p.m. at night and need a place to stay. One question I asked them while booking was when I had to attend the 90 minute presentation and Jaime said it would be on the second day. I booked with a real hotel and thought that I would call them the next day to verify they received my email. I tried to call them throughout the day during their business hours only to go to voicemail. I tried calling many times the day after that, straight to voicemail. I waited over the weekend and called on a Monday, straight to voicemail. I was banking online and discovered that they charged me $60.00 the next day after I had sent my cancelation email to them which they never replied back to. I left them messages to call me back. The last voicemail I left was to call me back before the close of business that day and resolve or I was going straight to my bank to dispute the charge. I never received a call back. So I got very suspicious in thinking that they were dodging my calls. I remembered that they could identify me when I called them to book a trip to Orlando from my desk phone and they had my mobile on file as well. I called my wife from work to ask her to call them from her mobile and a guy named Joseph picked up right away so she hung up. I tried calling them back from a friends mobile and they never picked up. So, I have not left for my trip yet (07/22 departure date) and have spent a lot of time, effort, and energy just to get back my $60.00. If Trips Incentives is in any way a reputable company, they would have at least emailed or called me back. If you see a brochure from this company, please recycle it as toilet paper!

Orlando, Florida United States of America



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