Trisha Reinhart – Tiffin, Ohio Ohio


Meet tiffins finest, Trisha Reinhart aka Trasha. The biggest home wrecker you could come by, when they say “hide your kids, hide your wife” replace the wife with husband and that’s some real sh*t. She sure does know how to get around. Between dancing on pulls in BG for 40 yr old men, to naked pictures at wapak , to just simply f*cking every dad in Seneca County and surrounding counties. She even has threesomes with her sister, keeping it in the fam… she’s the classiest you can find. You name em she’s f*cked em. She has the orangest of orange skin and whitest of white hair.. can’t miss her. She even has your name tattooed on her a$$. Don’t trust her further than you can throw her ladies… she will sleep with your husband and call you the “ex wife” when you haven’t even started the divorce process.

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