Tristar Installations Langley British Columbia Review


Tristar Roofing Nightmare! I got recommendations, read references, had estimates and looked through better business records. The company was to do a complete tear off of the old roof and put down a premium self stick snow and ice shield then roof with Edco Metal shingles for a “50 year roof”” The contract price was to also include a complete gutter system and a skylight. Our home has two skylights and they were discussed at the contract signing. It was determined that the kitchen skylight should be replaced and we were told we could wait till the following year or so to do the other. Within days of completion

I began to have leaks and water in my living room! I contacted the company and owner

who sent his roofer to check things out. That was the first “”service call”” Within a few weeks it was leaking something terrible and the owner blamed my skylight and offered “”to tarp it but I told you you needed to replace it”” blamed me said it was my own negligence for not “”wanting to”” replace it at the time of roofing. The first “”tarp”” was actually a felt underlay fabric and

essentially acted like a wet blanket over the problem area witch became saturated through rains and possible made things worse

dispersing the water over a larger area. It leaked again within weeks; now

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