Tristar Products Review


This flexible hose product you may have seen on television failed miserably after three weeks of light use. I was very excited about how the hose shrunk up when I let the water out of it until it nearly blew up in my face like a water balloon. I called the number on the website and spoke to a rep who gave me his id number R06. he told me that the 60 day warranty would not apply to me becuase i did not buy the product from the call center. He said to go back to the store I bought it in and complain to them. I said even through it is your product? He said yes. I said please put your supervisor on the phone. He took my information and said they would call me back the same day. No call back of course. All I was looking for was a replacement of the product or my money back. I tried to reach out to the company who owns this product and found no possible way to contact them. Go figure. Consumers be ware this company cares nothing about the safety or satisfaction of their consumers.

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