Truck & Auto Depot Review


My boyfriend and i went to truck and auto depot an talked to mark at first. then mike the GM came out and was helping him. we got a good deal on a 2006 honda civic and we had to pay a $1,700 depot. Mike told us he could split it up into 2 payments so we left the lot not paying a dime. mike was of course pushing on us getting the car. 5 days after getting the car i was driving on the high way and my radio went off no lights no sound nothing. a few seconds later my digital lights on my dash went out… then my car started skipping. Turns out my alternator went out. i have a 3month warranty on it and was told it was a quick easy fix. So they came and towed my car. 2 days later i had to pay the first $750 towards the deposit and at the time i still haven’t even heard an update about my car. my boyfriend and i have called multiple times and every time we call they say mike is the only one that can give us an update and help us but hes on vacation. After a week and a half of calling they said to call that coming Thursday when he is back. so i take the day off work to go down there and he wasn’t there! mark told me a mechanic hasn’t even looked at my car yet.. it has been 2 weeks at this point. my boyfriend went back that Monday and they set an appointment for him to meet the GM Wednesday at 4pm.and had to pay the final $750 for the rest of the deposit. so my boyfriend goes to the appointment and mike didn’t show up! they said he was on “an off site project” ? they refused to give him any corporate numbers and information. now it’s been 3 weeks, still no word from mike and no car. worst place ever. we will be talking to lawyers and posting on every website to warn others about this horrible company!


  • Name: Truck & Auto Depot
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Mesa
  • Address: 310 E Main St
  • Phone: 480-610-2222
  • Website:

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