Truderma, Llc Review


I clicked on a pop-up ad for a free trial of a skin-care product which sounded interesting–namely, True Derma Collagen Serum. | Being wary of a possible scam (my husband hd been taken in previously by a similar wine club scheme), I read the offer thoroughly, and found no mention of having to return it within a certain time period… or that if I didn’t, I would be receiving the product on a monthly basis. | Well, the so-called “Free” sample arrived. I tried it. I didn’t see any difference in skin tone, etc. So, I put it aside and thought no more about it when what to my wondering eyes did appear in my mailbox–another shipment of the same product! | This time the packing slip contained a phone number and email address in the event that I had any questiions or concerns. Shortly thereafter I received my credit card statement showing two charges of $98.41 each from True Derma. (More expensive than Lancome, Estee Lauder or any other top-line department store brands.) | Of course, I notified my credit card company not to pay those charges until I could ascertain just what was going on. I then called True Derma was was told, in essence, that it was my tough luck…that I had to have returned the first shipment within 2 weeks of receipt, and that since I hadn’t, I was obligated to receive shipments on a monthly basis. | I finally managed to cancel the (non-existent) “agreement” and was told that I should ship–at my expense–the second bottle of the product to a P.O. box in Phoenix, AZ (yet another city!) in order to receive a credit to my credit card account. | So, I am still stuck with one of the $98.41 charges for a product I do not want. | Buyers BEWARE!!! | Dion | Los Angeles, CA


  • Name: Truderma, Llc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 8820 W Russell Rd Ste 110
  • Phone: 891481262
  • Website:

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