True Lines Distributing small town Minnesota Review


Kay Carpenter had been calling my clinic for years to order Frontline Plus for Todd Stefaniak and WTF Wholesale, then after 4 orders, they never paid me for the 5th order. Sure Kay kept assuring me that I would be paid, this occured all the way from March 2011 to August 2011, when suddenly one weekend WTF Wholesale ceased to exist, ie. phone number and email were disconnected, but low and behold, at the same address True Lines Distributing opened its doors. Both Todd Stefaniak and Kay Carpenter still run the show there. Over 100 veterinarians have not been paid for orders of Frontline Plus, to the tune of over $2.5 million dollars, beware, they stole from me over $26,000 that I am now on the hook to Merial for. I now have had to hire a law firm to attempt to make them pay, sure Kay assured me that WTF would never not pay a veterinarian, so all Veterinarians be warned, I only did this as my two children have serious, serious medical problems. Now it is my understanding that the veterinarians are now getting prepaid for their ordres, most likely from proceeds from veterinarians like myself who did not get paid. Interestingly enough True Lines Distributing also appears to be allegedly an entity with True Science out of Eagle, Idaho. It appears that True Science is now getting a pharmacy license in most if not all of the 50 United States. Just a heads up out there. Watch yourself, these people are SLIPPERY!!!

209 Dunlawton Ave Daytona Beach/Port Orange, Florida United States of America


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