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Complaint: This site contains fake profiles of women who are supposedly nudists, but are really models posing nude. They do not respond to messages, and if they do it’s with a simple Hello or Bueno. If they speak It’s almost always In broken English. If the profile is of a woman, they normally don’t have more than two pictures. If they have more than two, they seem to be modeling poses. There is a group that you can join on the site that is for models or exhibtionists and I believe this is where they get the female models. There could be fake profiles of males on this site as well. There are real nudist profiles on this site, but they seem to be running the site and are friends with moderators. The nudists that are real normally have the same friends and unless you have a membership to AANR or the Naturist Society, they don’t really talk much. This also seems to be my experience with nudist clubs especially in the Dallas Ft Worth area. There are very few members at most clubs and they all seem to be family members.When someone who isn’t related to them or who isn’t a member of their corporation known as AANR, visits a club or resort, they give them the third degree questioning about their nudist experiences and ask why they are visting and watch them constantly. That’s my personal experience with nudists clubs and nudist websites. That may not reflect the experiences of others. The site in question has several pictures of naked men and women and if you get an upgrade you get to view them. That seems to be the bait. Then when you join and try to communicate with anyone, it’s like they all have a set schedule of when they can come on-line and talk. When one is talking, other accounts seem to be active as if it’s one or two people answering messages or in the chat room. According to my personal experience and In my opinion, If you’re a real nudist this is not the site to find true nudist friends or meetups.

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