Trumbull Insurance Company Review


After nearly ten (10 years of automobile insurance coveage, I realized that I was being ripped-off by The Hartford. The first 3 (three) years were okay. Then I had a minor accident, 2010, colliding with a hugh pothole in a mall parking lot. I called The Hartford for help. I should never have done that, because that’s when my problems started– no bodily injury involved, no other person involved, no other car involved; I haven’t had a moving violation in over 35 years, not even an unpaid parking ticket, and I filed the required report with the Department of Motor Vehicles. | In 2007, my premiums were $62.14/mo–I’m only one person with one vehicle. My payments escalated to $128.52 Renewal Fee, then $85.68/ mo. Next year – $90.30/mo. Next – $128.67, then $128.03 thereafter. Next, Renewal fee $166.00, and 12 (twelve) months of $113.62. And then, $109.43 followed by $108.87. | Never once was I given full, written disclosre of how The Hartford calculated those exorbitant rates. | I was so disgusted with The Hartford for, after 5 1/2 years, still charging against me a very minor accident and secured a policy with another company, July 20, 2016. My policy with the Hartford was paid through July, 22, 2016. Now, The Hartford has been sending me threatening documents, insinuating I owe them another payment, even going as far as to turn it over to a third-party collection company, Brown & Joseph LTD. | The Hartford keeps trying to tell me that they post-collect payments, which is totally bogus.. Insurance companies pre-collect; they don’t post-collect. I believe if all of you will study your policies, beginning date to ending date of your policies, and work it out on paper, you will see that by collecting Electronic Funds Trasfers, The Hartford has been collecting your money 10 (ten) to 13 (thirteen) days prior to your actual, calendar-month, billing-cycle, end-date. | When no resolution came to fruition with The Hartford Billing Resolution Team, I turned all of my documentation over to (Yes, I still have in my possession my 2007 policy.) the appropriate departments of my state. I would suggest that everyone who has been wronged by The Hartford do the same: Give a formal statement to your state’s Insurance Department, with documentation and your states’s Attorney General’s office, with documentation.


  • Name: Trumbull Insurance Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: Connecticut
  • City: Hartford
  • Address: One Hartford Plaza T 17 81
  • Phone: (860)547-4497
  • Website:

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