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On September 8, 2010 I placed an order for orange tshirts for a family event. The money was debited out of my account within a couple of days. I have not received the tshirts nor a reply to phone messages I have left or emails I have sent. ([email protected] 888.213.7864 ) I used this company in June of 2010 and did not have any problems. What is really steaming me is that they obviously know they are not going to send the tshirts and yet they continue to leave the site up and take the money Guess what… that is THEFT! They have to be turning the payment information over to the credit card company in order for them to be taking the money off our cards. If I do not hear from them in the next seven days I am contacting the police and an attorney. It is not about the $42 they ripped off from me, it is about the fact they are intentionally stealing. This site alone shows theft of over $200 how many more have they taken from?????

1838 2nd Avenue, Suite #117 New York, New York United States of America



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