Corey Gates comes off as “knight in shining armor” out there to help people. He goes through this elaborate ruse about flying around the country helping people in financial distress. He pushes a few buttons, takes the person out for coffee and in a few hours they begin to accumulate dollars in their bank accounts (and aren’t they grateful and happy!!) This is total Bull S*** because one: He says it’s FREE but then starts asking for hundreds of dollars. Then of course there is the domain name registration, the website hosting and the pressure to upgrade (if you really want to enjoy the power of his program). Corey Gates is a liar. The program will cost you hundreds and I don’t know if it even works (for anyone other than Corey) because I never received the software, the training downloads, or instruction how to get the program up and running (it is NOT just a matter of pushing a few buttons). If you get anything from Corey Gates, delete it because this is an out right scam hurting the very people he pretends to want to help the most. I want to meet him face to face to “dialog” with this A-hole. What he does is criminal in my mind and he should be prosecuted for his actions.. I demand Refund of all money spent. Stay away

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