Turco Construction Review


STORM CHASERS!!!! These guys are from Texas, they bought the company and show up when storms hit then disappear once the storm is over. This leaves your work and warranty u serviceable when they leave back to Texas or another storm. Most of them have outnif town plates as well from various states because they hire anyone as long as they can sell a job. It’s. It’s not about quality of workmanship or integrity with Turco, it’s about selling as many jobs as possible and moving on to the next storm. | If you look at their google reviews they have none except the ones I put up online, I researched them after their punk sales guy lied to my face at my door. Their website says they have been in business since 1973 yet have no online reviews except mine, come on people don’t believe these guys. Research and the owner was originally from Texas, his name is Marty Haight and all the guys have Texas plates, it’s not hard to figure it out. Don’t fall for their trap and have them gone when your roof has problems.


  • Name: Turco Construction
  • Country: United States
  • State: Minnesota
  • City: Fridley
  • Address: 8251 Main St. Suite 102
  • Phone: 763-515-7999
  • Website: www.turcoconstruction.com/

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