Turkish Airlines Los angles California Review


I have some emergency and I booked the ticket thru Turkish Airlines central number. The rep gave my confirmation number. I tried to book the ticket thru on-line with conf number but it didn’t accept because it was made thru rep.I called rep again and he informed me that I can only book through im. He tried to book me but it did not work and he told me to go to Sales office and pay money there. I informed him that being saturday, the sales office is closed. He told me that my ticket will be waiting at ticket counter and I just need to pick it before departure of flight. Next day I reconfirmed from NYC office and 800 number that I will get me ticket at counter. After waiting for 30 minutes, the lady sitting there asked for cash($1400+).i told her that i have credit card and even ATM card don’t have that much money but she told me that we started operation last month and can’t handle the credit card. After call 800 number again and same issue that they can not accept credit card on phone, I had no other option but to return back home after spending money on shuttle and wasting my full day.I called them on monday and asked them if they can put me on Tuesday flight with same price ticket. The customer rep again told me that they have rebooked with same reference number and I need to call NYC office so they can accept the credit card. I called her today (Tuesday) and they were quoting higher price ($1800+) while I explained that as per my conversation, I should be paying same price as original ticket but of no avail.I will advice all to shun Turkish airlines as they have worst customer service.

Los Angeles, California United States of America



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