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I have sold clothing with before, and received a fair offer. This time, I shipped 9 items. I was notified by twice that the shipping bag had arrived damaged and some of my items had possibly been damaged, but not to worried, if they determined that the items were damaged during shipping, they would compensate me. When I received my offer, they only purchased one item. Several other items were rejected because of holes, snags and stains. The items I shipped did not have holes, snags or stains. It seems pretty likely that they were damaged in transit in the shipping process, and were rejected by twice for damage incurred during their process. When I contacted customer service, I was told taht the customer service rep would investigate. She later notified me that they would only pay for damage which met a particular profile common to the USPS…dark oily stains. I responded that my items did not have holes, snags or stains when shipped, so the likeliest answer was that they had been damaged during shipping, which is part of the Twice purchase process. My subsequent e-mails and phone calls have not received a response. Twice wants me to pay to have them returned this week, if I want them back. WHY WOULD I WANT THEM BACK WHEN THEY WERE DAMAGED IN SHIPPING, DAMAGE THAT YOU PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF AND PAY FOR?From here on out, I will sell my items locally, where I can guarantee what condition they are in upon arrival. I hope they go out of business. Terrible customer service.

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