Two Brother Steak House Fredonia New York


Complaint: My wife and I waited for weeks for this place to open. When it did it open it offered all you can eat steak on a Monday night. We went and had to wait for 20 minutes in case they were going to run out of tables that may of had reservations. It took a waiter 25 minutes to take our drink order and our food order. When our food arrived it was frozen and not even what we ordered. We sent it back. When it came back. It still was not correct. The second course was almost ok. The green beans that we had with the meal were frozen in the middle. We did decide that this place had just opened a few days before and they had some fine tuning to do. So we let it go. We finished our meal and payed the bill with a credit card. This turned out to be a life saver with what happened next. The next day at my brand new job I had a supervisor come to me and ask if I had eaten at Two Brothers last night. I told him yes. I was told that they had called and threatened to have me arrested becuse I had left without paying my bill. It seems that when I called about there steak special there caller ID showed my work number as I called from work during my lunch hour. The only thing they knew was my first name. I called them and told them I had a recipt for the dinner. Only then did they say there may have been a mistake. They never called and told my boss that a mistake had been made. They never really told me that they were sorry or anything close to it. When my wife went to complain about the service and this mistake. She was told that she could leave if she did not like it. I was humiluated at my job for the phone call. Nobody apologized for the mistake that was made and for the meal that we recived. My wife and I vowed never to go back. Bill Fredonia, New YorkU.S.A.

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Address: 41 W Main St Fredonia, New York U.S.A.


Phone: 716-679-1155

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