TXU Energy Retail Company Complaint


A payment was made to my account in January and was returned for account not found. I contacted my bank because TXU said my account didn”t have the funds. I contacted my bank which sent a detailed note stating that the amount was paid. There is still a $25.00 charge on my account and if not paid my electricity will be turned off Feb 15. But conveniently, TXU can”t pull up how past bills were paid, so they have stuck me with a bogus bill! I have never not paid the bills I owe them and always pay early. The supervisor I spoke to didn”t really care, and basically told me I will pay the bill. When asked if I can switch my service to another company, I was informed that I would owe $200.00 for a cancellation fee. That being said, my deposit was the standard $215.00.

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