Tycoon Property Group Matt Nerbonne Plano Texas Review


Beware of calls and solicitations form Tycoon Property Group promising returns on real estate investments in the Dallas Market. The owner of this company, Matt Nerbonne was indicted on 23 counts of wire and mail fraud years ago and plead guilt to these charges… Google Matt Nerbonne and you will see the charges. Matt Nerbonne has multiple securities violations from various states and even Canada! At first glance I researched them on BBB site and everything looked clean, but further review shows otherwise. How can people like this still do business , felons and securities law violators. When I asked about the Matt Nearbonne on the interenet convicted of fraud I was told it was a similar name but different guy, but when we pulled up an article from the Dallas Observer it linked Tycoon Energy to the wire and mail fraud by Nearbonne the owner. That is when we decided to post this for anyone who will hopefully see it. Buyer Beware, this indivudual has a long history of promising investors blue sky and scamming them form their money.

555 Republic Drive Plano, Texas USA




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