Tyler Dyke – Lansing, Michigan Men


Tyler Dyke-State of Michigan- Securities Examiner, Grand River Connection- President, The Firecracker Foundation-Treasurer, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Pride. Had an ongoing affair with a married woman of 16 years and mother of three children; a felony in the state of Michigan. Has devastated the lives of three innocent children for his own selfish gratification. When questioned about his actions, he didn’t even know what adultery was and that he was guilty of it, but he did admit to doing it. Took ZERO responsibility for his actions and blamed it all on the woman he was having the affair with and his friends at Mirabella Salon in Okemos, MI. Apparently the owner Cheri Lynch, who allowed her business to be used to set up, cover up and carry out the affairs and other workers there, Shannon Cowan and Alex Starks put a gun to his head and forced him to repeatedly have sex with a married woman (although many people at Mirabella do share much of the blame in this and should be ashamed of themselves). His actions have had extreme effects on the children in this family that he felt he had some right to attack and commit felonies against. Major depression and anxiety have been caused in their lives from him. One of them, a former straight A student, now refuses to leave the house or go to school since finding out about this and is about to get sent to juvenile detention. All of this so he could get laid. The boards he serves on have been notified of his felonious actions and amoral character and all of them stand behind him and cover for him. When he was told it was over, he continued to stalk the woman at Mirabella Salon. These are the facts, with plenty of proof and witnesses to back them up. Here are some things that are suspected; over $120,000 was stolen from the husband’s bank account during this affair, I suspect he was involved in this(maybe The FIrecracker Foundation should audit their accounts too!). During the affair, the woman he was seeing would come home from work (aka Mirabella Salon covering for her while she was out with Tyler) with punch and kick dents in her vehicle. She also broke a bone by “falling down the stairs” while the husband was out of town for the night. I suspect he has some temper and anger issues, possibly leading to domestic violence. I also suspect that the end game to this affair was supposed to be the husband committing suicide when the affair was outed. This person is completely amoral, unethical and a total fraud who cares about no one but himself. If he will cheat with someone, he will most definitely cheat on someone. If he has no morals or ethics in his personal life, that is how he will conduct himself in his professional life. I wouldn’t hire this guy to clean toilets with his tongue. Keep him out of your life and workplace at all costs! If your spouse knows him, BEWARE! If your spouse or significant other is a customer or worker at Mirabella Salon in Okemos, BEWARE! Don’t think Cheri won’t lie straight to your face too, she’s even more of a fake than Tyler and a total drama vampire (Not to mention a tax cheat). She has violated every contract with every chair renter there by allowing this kind of thing to go on in the business that they are trying to run theirs from and they all should sue her for it.

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