Tyler Messmore – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina South Carolina


This “married man” has been known to cheat on all his girlfriends. Even his supposed “Wife”. With his “Wife” he has cheated on her 7+ times, not including the countless times he has tried to manipulate girls into having sex, for all the years he has been with her. He is so cowardly he won’t even come clean with everyone he has cheated on her with. One of these girls he had an affair with for 4 years! He is a deadbeat father of 3, is verbally abusive, lays on his ass all day, smoked meth in his “wife’s” house, and continues to get babied for being a piece of s**t. What more does this man have to do to sho. that he’s worthless? That he loves no one, and I mean NO ONE, other than himself? How many more times does he have to message, and physically pursue, and manipulate other females until it actually surfaces that he’s an evil selfish man?

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