Tyler Whitmore Review


Two of the biggest real estate agent frauds around. Falsyfing inspection reports, altering financial records to qualify applicants, damaging homes to adjust values, creating nuisances in their own neighborhood to lower the value of homes so they can buy their home at a lower rate We have dealt with this miserable family for over two years now. Which includes their kids leaving their feces on the sidewalk, Sarah side swiping a parked car and taking off. Sarah running the stop sign on daily, Sarah and Tyler parking across the sidewalk so the adjacent neighbor who is handicapped cannot use sidewalk infront of their home, parking and blocking roadway, and neitghbors driveway. Having clients come all ours of the day and parking infront of driveways of neighbors. Yelling at each other late into the evening, kids screaming and crying in backyard without anyone attending to them. Tyler Whitmore parking a large box truck all over Gilbert advertising his business. Junk and garbage on front lawn. These people are disgusting from their professional lives to their personal lives. If you want to know why the real estate bubble happened, look for Tyler Whitmores name attached. You want a shoddy deal, neighborhood ruined or having to deal with horrible neighbors hire the Whitmore Team both will make your worst nightmare come true and your neighbors. Thanks Whitmore Team, You truely are whats wrong with the world! .

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