On 7-29-14 approximatley 6:30am we called TYMRK to check and see if they were able to tow our tractor trailer unit for repairs. We located them as a towing company on the NTTS website. I talked to a guy by the name of Rick who answered the phone and told him where the unit was and that it needed moved asap before DOT had it moved since it was on a corner and also an exit ramp 85 on I-77 south. I told Rick upfront we paid either by check or credit card. He stated no checks and credit cards they did not except anymore, but we would deal with that later. I believed it would not be a big deal and we would get it resolved easy. They moved the unit about 1/2 mile to a safe spot to seperate the tractor from the trailer. TYMRK then took our unit back to their yard to get it ready for transit to repair facility. I asked TYMRK to take our unit to Kenova, WV where the repair facility was waiting on it to get sarted working on it ASAP for us. I was very proactive in searching for a repair facility that had the parts and time to get repairs done same day. Talking to the repair facility they assured me they could have it back up and going by end of business day (blew a turbo). Tow truck left TYMRK’s yard approximatley 9am and did not get to Kenova, WV until 11:05am which was only 75 miles away. According to my driver that road with tow truck driver they were moving very slow in transit. Upon arrival at repair facility my driver and others working at repair shop witnessed tow truck manuvering since he over shot the entrance. When tow truck finally stopped several witnesses noticed damages to the front bumper to our unit and thought maybe more damages under front of unit. TYMRK was notified of damages but to no extent until tow truck released unit to check it completely. TYMRK was more interested in getting paid than damages our until received. We went back and forth between myself and TYMRK’s office between tow bill and damages. Also, now they are telling me credit card machine is broke down and we have to figure out how to pay the bill. At the beginning Rick stated no credit cards accepted and I found out this was a LIE. So, now the bill started at 1925.00 plus 132.30 for fuel surcharge. They dropped that rate to $1707.30 giving us $500.00 for damages. I told them no way, they came back and lowered it to $1300.00, again I refused. Office lady was going back and forth with Rick on rates while tow truck held our unit for ransom money. I told the office lady I would pay the $1300.00 but I would not and repeated I would not take as any part of discount towards damages. We agreed on $1500.00 but again I would not accept any part of them lowering the bill for damages. At about 2:50pm they now said they could take my credit card and which they did to pay the $1500.00. In the mean time my truck was still on the tow truck until they released it at 3:35pm. (remember before no credit cards then card machine was broke?) Repair facility pulled it directly in then and found bumper damaged to all three pieces, ABS unit, and oil pan damaged to which all need or needed replaced now. Repair shop was instructed to replace oil pan and ABS unit to make road legal. Bumper I have the estimate for at $1263.25 and repair shop at $1281.12. Office lady told my to contact their insurance agent, which I did. Guess what, I have gone back and forth with him several times. Insurance agent will not turn in to underwriter unless Rick says to. Rick told agent he wanted to handle it by paying cash or getting a third party involved like an independent adjuster. His agent also told him he needs to contact me direct and get it resolved. Well its now 8-7-14 and no one has called me. I have called to his office now several time in the last week and he has not returned my calls. I also found out the lady I was dealing with in his office is no longer with them. OK, Damages in all: $2544.37 for repairs, $3450.00 in lossed loads, 2 motel bills, taxi bill, generously estimated $500.00 loss while at body shop for bumper repairs, total loss at about $6700.00….They got paid before they release our unit, now I want whats owed to me. Guess what I am chasing him because he is not owning up. My truck would have been back up the same day with minimum loss. But instead we lossed three work days, and incurred other debt. TYMRK towed our unit from the front instead of from the rear. If they had done the job correctly none of this would have happened. I will be getting ahold of several other people to notify them of the business operations they run. We opened 1999, to this day we have never had a tow truck issue nor have we ever had anyone tow our unit from the front especially with no trailer attached. We nor you reading this can afford to do business with companies like this. Rick has never called me to appoligize, ask what he can do, turned into his insurance, or anythng else except blow LIES…… All we want is our bill paid in full for our losses, we will seek one way or another. They got paid why shouldn’t we for our losses from their tow truck?

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