“Tynisha” – Frankfort, Kentucky Kentucky


This is Tynisha beware of this women she is well known around the town as a gold digger and has 5 children buy 5 different dads and can barely afford to take care of those ones and instead of focusing on taking care of them she is going after married men and when they dump the peice of trash she gets all jealous and goes and stalks the wife and harasses them. She met my husband on a business trip and they started having an affair which was not known to me at the time… he told me and broke it off with her, then started aggressively texting him. My husband finally had to change his phone number just to get her to leave him alone… if you see this women stay away from her she is well known in the county as the town floozy and has the worst reputation because she will spread her legs for anybody.

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