U-Haul San Antonio Texas


Complaint: U-Haul truck rental reservations are absolutlely worthless. When we tried to rent a 26′ truck in Kingsville with a reservation 10 days in advance we were promised a truck but not the location. No problem we thought. We ended up calling every location in south Texas because the traffic managers couldn’t or wouldn’t. I finally called a place in Corpus Christi, TX only to be told that his last 26 foot truck just left on a walk-in. This is 2 hours after I was supposed to have a truck! We finally located one in Jourdanton, TX . We had to drive 120 miles to get a truck (only 30 miles short of the move!). We insisted on extra miles to cover the distance extra and we got them. However, on the trip up to San Antonio the next day the fuel distribution system quit on the truck and I was only able to keep the truck moving by pumping the accelerator continuously over the whole 150 mile trip. Sometimes the truck would only go ten miles an hour. I will never use UHaul again. Paul San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.

Tags: Auto & Truck Rental

Address: 611 S. 6th St. Kingsville, Texas U.S.A.



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