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Complaint: OK, ON June 30th, 2005, I called the Piedmont Financial Services office. They are a U-Haul station here in Advance, NC. I reserved a truck for July 1st at 11 AM since it was rented at the time. I had to give the guy at that office my debit card number, my name, and the bank I had an account with to get the truck reserved. We agreed that we were going to leave the truck back the next day, Saturday, July 2nd before 9AM, since someone had reserved it for that time too. Since the office didn’t open until 9 AM, he told me that I could leave the keys in the mailbox in case the office was closed when we went to leave the truck. So, on July 1st, my father went to pick the truck with my cousin since I was working. The lady there at that time also told my cousin to leave the keys in the mailbox when we brought it back. The distance between the place we moved from and our new house is only 3 miles. We did not make but 4 trips. That makes only 24 miles. Let’s say 30 because of the distance to the office… which is not much either. Anyways, the mileage rate was of $0.79 per mile. We should have been charged around $23.70 for the mileage. That added to the rental rate of $29.95, should have made me pay about $53 for the whole rental. And well, it happens that when I checked my account statement, they had deducted $346.06. I went to the office with my father and my brother. The same guy who I talked with on the phone was there; he told us that the truck was not there on time, even though my father had brought the truck before the office opened on July 2nd, with my uncle as witness. And the most unbelievable thing, is that in his records, it showed that we had driven the truck 248.4 miles. Of course, we were so inocent that we didn’t write down the mileage it had when we gave it back, and to trust this guy about just leaving the keys in the mailbox and not getting a receipt that said the mileage the truck had when we returned it. The bank cannot do anything about it. And it caused me two overdrafts. Now I am owing the bank $132.80 and I am left with no money to pay a lot of my bills… they’re stealing about $293 from me… that’s a lot for someone like me. Randy Advance, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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