U.S. Cellular / United States Cellular Corporation Complaint


A couple of years ago we moved to an area that u s cellular did not service so we were unable to use our cell phones because we could not get a reliable signal. I called uscellular and their only response was to tell me how much longer I had on my contract. 6 months. We paid for the service for the next six months while not being able to use our phones, except for our daughter who was away at college. When the time was up I called and told them I wanted to cancel my plan. The csr was very nice and told me I only had to pay my current balance and my service would cancel at the end of the month. This we did. We chose another carrier and plan. Our daughter wanted to keep her number which we did. 2 months later I received a bill from uscellular for $150. Then a credit for $34. I called and asked why I was being charged for a service I no longer had and was told because we “ported” the phone number. I wrote and email in complaint that cell phone companies were not allowed to penalize customers in this manner. I received a reply that it was not because we kept the number but that we did not cancel the service since we kept the number and my daughter had 5 months left on her phone even though it was a family plan. I did not pay the account, I am now being hounded by collection slime, 2 years later. I again contacted uscellular and I am being charged $175. They said it was because they needed to recoup money from the “free” phones they give. If I had been told this originally I would have just returned the phone to them, because as we all know you can not use a phone from a different provider. They have given me 3 different answers to the same question. U s celluar is the worst cell phone provider. Do not use them no matter what. They charge for service they do not supply and then keep on charging.

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