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Today 10/22/2014 I recieved a call first from a number that was really unrecognizable / 2222222245 which I was told that I had been given a $7000 grant because I had paid all my bills on time in the last 12 months, I was then told to call 202-244-1123 to recieve instructions on how to get my grant. The lady that answered the phone told me I needed to go to 7/11 and pick up a Green Dot Pack, not the pre-paid credit card, and, that I had to activate the card there at 7/11 with $251 for which I would recieve my $7000 grant and the $251 back. I realized, as soon as she told me that, it was a fraud!!!!!! I’m sorry but my middle name isn’t idiot. Too bad though I could really use the money!!!

Washington, District of Columbia USA

202-738-1123 Ext 139

Financial Services

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