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I started driving for Uber on Monday (4-18-16), the week ended on (4-24-16). I drove for 8-10 hours a day for 7 days straight. I kept track of my earnings through the Uber app that showed all my trips as well. All my trips were comleted. On Sunday (4-24-16) after I completed the day, My Dashboard, (Uber earnings and trips) said I had completed all my trips and my earnings for the week was $1190.00. When my check was direct deposited on Wednesday (4-27-16), my check was only $890.00. I went to my driver Uber earning and trip statement an to my surprize Uber had changed $300 of trips manually from complete to cancelled. Even though they changed them to cancelled, they still had the time and duration of the trips they forgot to remove. I have contacted them. They say I dont have any proof and refuse to pay me. This dishonest and unprofession. Uber navigation according to riders takes an extened routes not the direct rought according to the riders. Most of my riders for Uber ask me not to follow the Uber directions. Drivers say they will navigate the trip because they dont want the extra charge for Uber driving extra miles or the longest way to get to their destination. I should have googled Uber driver reviews before I got involved with this un-professional corrupt company. Yesturday I did read pages and pages of complaints on ConsumerAffairs.com Overcharging riders and not paying drivers is standard practice. Is their anything that can be done to stopp this dishonest business practices. I now drive for “lyft””

they are very profession and go out of the way for its riders and drivers.”

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