Ultimate Warranty / Capital Assurance RRG Buckeye Arizona


Complaint: Ultimate Warranty and Capital Assurance are thieves. I hope someone will pay for what has happened (useless warranties, no funds for claims, refunds or losses). I don’t think anyone can be sued for what happened (according to my FOP lawyers). Who you gonna sue if the company doesn’t exist any more? Bought a used 2003 Windstar van for $11,000. 1 year later the van developed a bad transmission with only 55,000 miles on it. Repairs would have cost $3500.00 (I couldn’t afford to pay and with UWC in receivership no body else was going to pay either). Van came home without being repaired. I KBB and edmunds the van if it had a good tranny – $6000.00. I could only get $1300 for the van while disclosing the transmission problem. I also paid $1539.00 for the useless warranty. My loss $6239.00 ($4700 diff between what the van would book at wihtout the transmission problem and the $1539.00 price paid for the useless warranty.) I wonder if I will ever see a penny of the money. I hope the embezzlers at UWC choke on their guilt (Eric Doak, Eduardo and the other snakes). Anyone know if a class action is an option? 137,000 unexpired contracts……. Mark Buckeye, ArizonaU.S.A.

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Address: 21360 Center Ridge Rd. Rocky RIver, Ohio U.S.A.


Phone: 800-576-5113

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