– Matt Grintsaig Miami Florida


Complaint: No matter if you are an individual wanting to purchase car parts online or you are a web-developer or hosting company, be aware when contacting Matt Grintsaig with Umnitza or be contacted by him. If you order car parts you can either expect long delivery times, part of shipment missing, no original parts or wrong parts to be delivered, avoiding phone contact, not responding to emails…only to mention a few. If you are a web-developer or hosting company he claims that you do not get work completed in time for him, messed up his existing website and sends you rude emails of which many can be considered blackmail since they end with “Do this or I will do this””. Matt also goes behind your back when filing negative reports on you with BBB

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: Ripoff etc. He was banned from many forums and websites after it was discovered that he uses different user names to sign on to these forums acting like a satsifying customer. In addition

Website: 9255210577

Phone: there is also a Class Action Suit going on against him. Be aware of this man and his company!!”

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