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Complaint: They SCAMMED me!!! An Asian dude called me last week from 1-844-385-4366 and told me that he would be giving me a refund of $350 that I paid to him for technical support and I believed him. He got into my computer, opened online banking, and transferred some amount (I thought $350) to my account. Suddenly, the dude started shitting himself and telling me that he transferred $3500 to my account by MISTAKE. He requested me to transfer $3150 back to his u201ccompanyu2019su201d account as it happened by mistake. Well, I did that and to my surprise, as soon as this happened BOOM!!! He hung up on me after locking my freakinu2019 computer. THERE WERE $3150 LESS IN MY BANK ACCOUNT AFTER THAT INSTEAD OF $350 MORE. Thatu2019s when I knew I was SCAMMED. I tried to call the number back and guess what, it was NOT IN SERVICE. These SCUMBAGS deserve a special place in HELL!!!!

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Address: 1314 Shadyside Dr. Rockport, Texas United States

Website: unicloudinc.com/

Phone: 1-844-385-4366

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