Uniqueblade Brookline Massachusetts Review


I’m a first time client with uiniqueblade.com and I feel that I have been mistreated on a professional level. I paid over a hundred dollars for my first order and patiently waited a week before contacting the company. It’s been nine business days and I still haven’t been contacted with my tracking information. I started calling and emailing on the sixth business day trying to ascertain the tracking info and no one has contacted me. I am a handicapped individual so I rely on online professional courtesy and respect and with uniqueblade.com I feel like I’m being cheated and feel like a fool because I ordered another product few days later after I ordered the first and I payed for it to be expedited so now I’m stuck with two orders and with no tracking info and no packages received. I don’t want to get my lawyer involved, I just want my money back or my orders but tomorrow is the tenth business day and if I don’t get my first order by tomorrow then I will use my lawyer. Plus I have ordered from the same product for more than one company other than uniqueblade.com and have received emails w tracking info and received my packages within 5 to 6 days(including weekends). So who ever reads this do the right thing and don’t make the mistake I made by ordering with uniqueblade.com.

FL United States

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